Mindset is critical. My approach implements the psychological principles of behavior change to help you achieve your fitness goals. 
Behavior change is key to achieve significant improvement in (mental & physical) health. My goal with each client is for you to better understand how your participation in exercise positively affects your psychological & personal development, mood, health, and well-being throughout your life. 

 All exercise programs are personalized to the individual’s specific needs, goals, and assessment results.   When pain, stiffness, or injury is present. Assessment is an important part of my programing because muscular imbalances lead to poor movement. Poor movement leads to pain and injury (which can really hold you back from your goals). I work to correct your body’s imbalances to help prevent further pain & injury. By programming specific corrective flexibility ,such as PNF*,  and strength training for your body’s needs.  Overall, all client programs are based off of scientific knowledge to train the individual for their primary goal; whether it is improving athletic performance, body composition,fat-loss, strength, or overall health.

* PNF ( proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching, is a set of stretching techniques commonly used in clinical environments to enhance range of motion. PNF is considered an optimal stretching method when the aim is to increase range of motion, especially as regards short-term changes. )





University of Washington Honors Alumni . B.A. in Psychology. Where I conducted a comprehensive  undergraduate study upon the link between exercise adherence & self efficacy. 

Mentored by James Kilgallon  CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and Exos certified ( Men's Fitness named Exos "The Most Elite Gym in the World", Exos has trained 6 NFL overall #1 picks, 94 NFL first round draft picks and 459 total NFL draftees, 9 NBA first-round picks, UFC, and Special Forces.) at Mazlo LLC. We worked together to create the company corporate exsercise & wellness digital training programs. The programs focused upon habit creation in relation to exercise.

I am currently studying to complete my CSCS this June. Also a 3x National Fitness Bikini NPC Athlete. Set to qualify for nationals yet again this spring.  Current Corrective Flexibility & Strength Trainer at Construction Zone LLC. Which is widely known and respected in the local fitness model and competitor industry. Where Professional IFBB Athletes  such as Tanji Johnson & Adrienne Ochoa hail from.