Motivation Turned Inside Out... The Real Difference Between the "Quitters" & "Grinders".

When I take on a new client,  I like to differentiate between the "Quitters" the "Grinders". Often, it is their past experiences with struggle that define their work ethic. Did they face adversity wallowing in self pity and inaction? Or did they find their inner strength to take action in their weakest moment?

The remarkable ones are the people that preserve through pain, struggle, and change when the payoff takes months ( sometimes years) to achieve. This concept applies to accomplishing most meaningful pursuits. Such as, major weight loss ( losing 50lbs+) , quitting an addiction, saving for an investment, cultivating a healthy and happy marriage, pursuing a meaningful and successful career, recovering from health issues/ trauma, etc.   

It is those with intrinsic motivation who thrive ( versus survive) in struggle and later create big results. Intrinsic motivation is internally sourced and can only surface if the individual places high value and importance upon the goal.  This high perceived value integrates the pursuit into the individual's self concept. Then throughout the process as small moments of success come the individual experiences a deep sense of inner satisfaction. This satisfaction confirms their inner self concept, highly held values, and satisfying work ethic reenergizing the whole internal motivation cycle. Intrinsic motivation is powerful, self sustaining, and meaningful.

While external motivators tend to focus on trying to control the uncontrollable external world. A heavy focus on approval tends to create competition. And when the approval or control isn't received then an internal experience of rewards and punishments takes over ( guilt, shame,pride). It's key element is the individual has no perceived choice, competence, intention, or value of their behavior. This type of motivational mindset is geared for burn out and failure.

Internal versus external based motivation I find is the key between  "Quitters" and "Grinders". The internals have strong perceived values for their work, their tenacity comes within an inner self concept of " I can't control the world, but I can control me, and my behavior", and they ENJOY satisfying hard work. Because when your goal is aligned with your most powerful values, the work becomes who you are, and who you are at that point is gritty, determined, and unstoppable.

Comment below if you've had any experiences with an internal or external motivation based client, talent, or co-worker. :)