Amazon's Women's Athleisure best deals on leggings, bra's, and shoes.

Best cheap leggings @ $21 on amazon here.  They are high waisted, thick, and stretchy. lululemon knock offs, the only difference is the waist band has an extra band of elastic on the top. But for over $100 in savings...who cares? :) 

Also, they come in many colors!! 


Lifestyle/Cross Training shoe feels light as a feather and as comfy as a cloud. This shoe is the ultimate in comfort for light activity (errands,yoga, weight training) and athleisure style. Last years style's can be as low as $35-$60 which is a steal when compared to the Nike free styles that fit the same but are $130+.








A lifting shoe is essential to for heavy deadlifting and squatting days. A perfect weightlifting shoe  has a flat, stable, strong base for transfering force. Yet the shoe ideally should have some flexibility and lightness to it for more diverse weighted activities...think heavy lunges. 








Running Shoe is supportive, light, but simply styled running shoe for maximum wear and comfort. Also the built in insoles will help with aching feet, knees,and hips during cardio. 

Light support Sport's Bra. For lighter impact activity... think sunday errands, athleisure, lifting weights,ect a cute strappy sports bra is an everyday #fitchick essential.  There's a variety of colors, but basic black is my no-brainer favorite at $19.... 

High impact activity sports bra option for all and those over a C cup at $18. Wireless with support? Yes. Comes in three colors, white, pink, and my favorite black.  


Light weight tanks 3/$20.



Open Back Tanks 2/$20

zoe feuerstein