5 Achy Neck Back & Essentials for Under $50

A small pair of lacrosse balls can do wonders on muscle aches in the neck,shoulders, back, and glutes. And $10 it's a heck of a deal.


A clay ice/hot pack holds cold or heat longer than typical packs. And at under $20 it's a great value. Plus the two straps help you secure the pad close to your body for optimal relief.  


Ease neck or back tension with a personal massager. A heated personal massager for under $40 is an economical alternative to daily massages. 


This psoas wedge is wonderful for bedtime as it takes the pressure off of your low back.  Also elevating your legs helps lower your bodies stress response, cortisol, and water retention. For $30 this little wedge is a steal! 



The best topical roll-in for muscle pains at $10. It's long lasting, no strong "old man" smell, and the roll on helps you avoid the accidental eye burn after applying like typical creams. 

zoe feuerstein