Top 10 Fitness & Health Supplementation Essentials on

10.  Celltech Creatine is must for putting on strength and chasing that pump mid lift. This is my favorite stand by below: 


9. A quality BCAA without caffeine for evening workouts or a  P.M. pick me up. 

8. A liquid B supplement for energy and metabolism support

7. A quality protein powder for post workout shakes, easy morning smoothies/protein oats, or in between meals.  

6. A Dairy free protein powder for the #dairyfree and #vegan athletic crowd.

5. Getting your 128 oz of water per day can get burdensome. But with this hydroflask, you only need four refills to hit your fluid intake goals for the day. Happy #juglife #fitlife #cheers

4. A pure, but potent fish oil to fight inflammation, belly-fat,supports hormone balance & mood, muscle recovery, and heart health (flaxseed oil alt. for vegans).

3.Liquid Magnesium for almost instant absorption to help ease muscle spasms,myofascial pain,tension headaches, and anxiety/sleep issues. 

2. A high potency probiotic will keep your digestive, immune system and metabolism working efficiently. 

1. Liquid Melatonin.... (the effects are almost instant) Because a good night's sleep is essential for stress management, fat-loss, muscular recovery, and overall health. Sweet dreamzzzzzz...


zoe feuerstein